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Special Needs Planning process



Why Choose Us

Addressing Special Needs Planning comprehensively insures that all critical future planning areas are considered and work together.

This includes:

  • Legal planning
  • Government Benefit coordination
  • Budget/Financial planning 
  • Lifestyle planning

Knowing that all aspects of planning have been well thought out provides peace-of-mind to parents, families, and caregivers alike.


How We Can Help You

Special Needs Trusts

Wills & Family Trusts

Guardianship / Conservatorship

Government Benefit coordination (Maximizing benefits)

ABLE accounts

Collaboration with other professional advisors


Experience the Difference

All your planning needs met in one place. Work with a team of caring and experienced special needs planners with over 30 years combined experience. 



Comprehensive Special Needs Planning

Legal planning including Special Needs Trusts

Government Benefit coordination

Budget/Financial planning 

Lifestyle planning

Conservatorship filing

Conservatorship document preparation and filing

Community Educational Opportunities

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