Serenitas Special Needs Planning (SSNP)

Serenitas Special Needs Planning (SSNP) is a fee-based planning organization providing services nationwide offering a wide array of services to meet your specific goals and objectives including:

*Comprehensive Special Needs Planning addresses: Legal Planning, Government Benefit Coordination, Budget Planning & Lifestyle Planning

*Guardianship / Conservatorship filing

*Community Education Opportunities: Conference speaker, workshop facilitator

For more information call (818) 231-6759 or email.  Click the button below.

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Initial Consultation

This one-on-one consultation provides families the opportunity to ask questions, review the various planning options, and decide upon the next step for their planning process. The families’ professional advisors are welcome to participate. 

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Hourly Consultation

Hourly consultations are for families who have completed some or all of their Special Needs Plan but have questions, are in the process of planning and are not certain about the next steps, or are concerned that their documents have been drafted incorrectly. 

Conference / Seminar speaker

Dynamic and heartfelt, David M. Terk brings technical expertise and personal anecdotes with an engaging sense of compassion to the sensitive topic of Special Needs Planning. He is available for  local, state, regional, national, and international speaking events for families and professionals. Ask about availability for your group or organization.

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Group Planning Workshop

David M. Terk will conduct a one-day Group Planning Workshop in your community. Each family will receive a preparation packet in advance of their scheduled workshop. Upon completion of the workshop, most families are ready for SSNP or their attorney to prepare and finalize their documents and begin funding the plan with their financial advisor. 

Private Fee-based Planning

Serenitas Special Needs Planning offers private fee-based planning nationwide. We will work with you to complete your plan in its entirety. Family and professional advisors may be included in all meetings in person or via telephone, video conference, and e-mail.